Television in Singapore
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Hello bhaalu.

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Pre-order bhaalu today!

Television platform in Singapore


What is bhaalu?

Bhaalu is a social recommendation TV platform for all of your favorite scheduled TV programs in a relaxed manner.

Bhaalu exists in three product manifestations, Mobile, Stick and Box, enabling you to control when, where and how you watch all of your TV channel content.

Enjoy all Singapore Free-To-Air broadcast TV channels and your Pay-TV channels if you subscribe to either StarHub™ or SingTel™ MioTV™, to freely time-shift the consumption of your channel content using pause, rewind and fast-forward.

Place-shift your TV as well, by accessing bhaalu with your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions About bhaalu

bhaalu Singapore's most relaxed TV


Why do I want bhaalu?

Television content has improved dramatically over the years, but three key problems remain that hinder the enjoyment and relaxation of TV. Bhaalu solves all three of these key problems.

  • I click endlessly through a jungle of channels unable to find anything good to watch.
  • NAVIGATE: Bhaalu's contextually-sensitive, smart-categorized, image-based virtual 3D navigation makes the process of finding something good to watch relaxed and enjoyable.

  • I am busy and can't be inconvenienced by having to plan according to scheduled TV.
  • TIME-SHIFT: Bhaalu contains all of your television, allowing you to time-shift view your favourite programes when convenient with your schedule, even if it was aired two months previously.

  • I can only watch TV when sitting in front of the home TV set, and I'm not there often.
  • PLACE-SHIFT: Bhaalu offers you TV-Everywhere by functioning on most mobile devices. This becomes powerful when you factor in bhaalu's time-shifting and easy navigation capabilities.

Bhaalu puts you in control over your schedule television in a relaxed, social, lean back manner. Bhaalu is TV as it should be.

Story of how bhaalu was founded